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[Tutorial]How to buy privileges (if you are not from Lithuania)

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Today I will show you in pictures how to buy privileges in Jailas.lt project

To buy privileges, first you need to access Jailas.lt site by typing it "www.Jailas.lt"

You should see everything like in my picture

To access privileges site you should press on PASLAUGOS
Or you can right click on the web page and translate it to whatever language you speak then you will see in capital letters SERVICES(if you choose English) you will be taken to privileges panel.
After doing that you should see something like this.
In upper corner you can select language Lithuanian or English/USA
It is recommended to press on EN/USA (usa flag) if you are not from Lithuania or does not speak Lithuanian
From there it will be easier for you. You should follow everything that is written there.

After you register you should see something like this:NR3.thumb.PNG.48697efc27fe37edf4f2ed5648305f4a.PNG

PRESS ON BIG BLUE BUTTON [FILL BALANCE] to get money into your balance. 
You can choose your country (if it's on the list) to pay via SMS (but it will cost you more)
Or you can choose to pay via (BANK,MAXIMA (You get bonus by paying via bank , etc) Choose how much money you want to put into your account (1,2,3,5 euro)
After choosing amount of money and pressing on BUY you should see something like this:


You can change your language into whatever you speak. Then you have to write in your Mail (I don't know which mail service you are using but I'm using gmail)then you should press on "continue payment" (orange button)
You should see something like this:

1st paying method is mostly for Lithuanians but since you are probably not from Lithuania it will be a headache to pay it via paysera account (create new account, send your info like DOB etc..it could take a few days to get account fully working)
2nd payment method is if you have a debit card credit card or whatever bank card you have.
3rd option is payment via SMS I think this is the easiest one but it cost 3x more than usual price.
4th option is International I don't know what it is because I never used this one.
The best option for you would be 2nd method pay via your bank. 
(but you can pay with other methods if you want :))
From now on you should follow every instruction that is written there. I hope I helped you somehow.
You can appreciate this work by pressing upvote on this tutorial.


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Dabar, depression. said:

Čia kai bandem mes jam paaiškint bet jis nihuje nesuprato tai tu jam tutoriala padariai čia?

Mldc antras memories.

Jo is topacio kadro, padariau ,nes taip lengviau tiek man tiek paciam zmogui kuriam reikia pagalbos.

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Beje užsieniečiams (jei pvz. serve klausia) galima rašyt iškart anglišką nuorodą į paslaugų sistemą - services.jailas.lt
Tačiau EN vis tiek teks pasirinkt :) O šiaip gera pamoka, +rep ir į pm nusiunčiau 1.5 EUR kupono kodą

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