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KingSlayers paskutinį kartą laimėjo Spalis 17 2021

KingSlayers turėjo geriausiai įvertintą turinį!


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  1. can someone explain partial return of goodwill?
  3. Hmmm i just started playing 2Months ago so i guess the basics are: 1/Never rush alone if you're not yiruma or all your powers maxed out. 2/Play as a team, do you know how frustrating that shit is when you try to look badass strafing with 1000FPS+ while i'm getting raped by 5 different zombies and having to deal with them alone? 3/Only expensive /ul if you're guaranteed you'll be top of your team XP wise. 4/save as much XP as possible for PRS, this game is heavily relying on Powers, no matter how good you are if someone is in the lvl4/5 power territory, you're gonna get fucked. 5/at the beginning of a round, when human, play aggressive if you think the other team is badly organized. and play passively if the other team is really good (AKA: camp a lot, never confront more than 2 zombies at the time and try to survive as much as possible rather than as much kills in this situation) 6/When a zombie, try to take roles as related to your ZM class. if you're a boomer/charger/armored always play agro and rush, don't be like those trying not to die and playing like a pussy saving for rank (i see you yiruma...) Otherwise if you're a long rang zombie try to take cover behind the agros. Currently the best /ul combination is M4DarkNight/KnifeDeagle/BaseballBat/SmokeGrenade. but it's really expensive. a cheaper alternative would be UmpUpgrade/BattleGlock/BaseballBat. this is good for normal rounds.
  4. Pasiūlymų anketos šablonas: 1. Jūsų žaidimo Slapyvardis/Nick: KingSlayers 2. Kam skirtas pasiūlymas? [Svetainei/serveriams]:Umbrella Swarm Server 3. Jūsų pasiūlymas: there is a bug which if you place a sandbag on top of a zombie with spawn protection. server unbugs you, and you lose your spawn protection. 4. Kuo tai bus naudinga projektui?: More Balanced gameplay between humans and zombies.
  5. School College time :/ probably barely any time to play i think Bruh.
  6. Rip hours of my playing this month xddd
  7. Sukčių reportavimo anketos Forma: 1. Jūsų Slapyvardis žaidime: V_1 2. Nusižengusio žaidėjo Slapyvardis: Jailas manikiuras 3. SS/Demo Įrodymai[BŪTINA]:https://easyupload.io/9nsvjr 4. Kurioje DEMO dalyje privilegijuotas žaidėjas nusižengė?(Pradžioje/viduryje/pabaigoje): pabaigoje 5. Privilegijuoto žaidėjo nusižengimas, paaiškinimas, kaip kas įvyko: FreeKick, made me lose all my /ul
  8. How about you admit you were accusing wrongly? People improve on something by practicing it. Instead of putting people down how about you lift "em up? Hmmm?
  9. Įrodymų pateikimo anketos šablonas: 1. Jūsų žaidimo slapyvardis/NICK žaidime?: V_1 2. Administratoriaus Slapyvardis, kuris paprašė jūsų įkelti įrodymus: Wind 3. SS/Demo Įrodymai [BŪTINA]:https://easyupload.io/ph0ezd 4. Jūsų papildomas komentaras: This shit gotta stop for real, this is the forth accusation of hacking in a single month, and it's really annoying for certain admins to do so everytime you get a kill or something because you weren't "that good" zp_pollution_v20000.bmp zp_pollution_v20001.bmp zp_pollution_v20002.bmp zp_pollution_v20003.bmp zp_pollution_v20004.bmp zp_pollution_v20005.bmp
  10. Bid Form Template: 1. Your Game Nickname: Player 2. Who is the offer for? [For the website / servers]: Umbrella Swarm Server 3. Your proposal: Fix Thanatos Bug, there is a bug recently that a player been abusing (while admins did nothing) , it seems when you throw the thanatos blade (mode2) and immediately switch to a knife it does knife damage! so instead of 80-100dmg/second, it does 800-900dmg per second. i did tell some in-game admins to do something about players abusing this but nothing happened, Demo below. 4. How will it benefit the project ?: https://easyupload.io/1xw4fh

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