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Mūsų projektas sėkmingai gyvuoja virš 8 metų, turime 7 išskirtinius serverius, pasižyminčius unikaliomis ir įdomiomis sistemomis, todėl žaidimas čia tampa smagus kiekvienam Counter-Strike 1.6 žaidėjui!

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Hash K

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  1. ohhhhh kk i swear to god i didnt even know that nd also it its not allowed pls remove that feature then cuz more unaware ppl are gonna get banned if its possible pls unban me since i had no idea about this rule cuz i play on umbrella swarm k atee nd aciu! :P
  2. Atsibaninimo anketa:1. Hash K 2. ? (yes that is his nick) 3. https://www86.zippyshare.com/v/cT1WsGR2/file.html 4. blocking i think 7. i got free banned on the base builder server. as u can see in the demo the admin was trying to get rid of me nd another player so he first slayed the other player nd banned me for for blocking even though u can clearly see how high up i moved that tunnel. I dont even play on that server but i wanted to try it nd yeah btw the ban is for 1 day nd i have absolutely nothing to do so yeah k ate nd aciu! Primename: neužmirškite temos pavadinime nurodyti Jūsų žaidimo slapyvardžio - NICK
  3. so i just got banned by him for 3 hours XD for camping nd admin something.This guy just bought an admin nd thinks hes the king of the world nd i swear to god i didnt even camp.DEMO:https://www103.zippyshare.com/v/A2iPeyWp/file.html Have a look at the demo ull see how mad he was for god knows wht reason.i play from 1am to 7am in lithunian time 11pm to 5am nd this guy ruined it all.now i have nothing to do in the next 2 hours just great You have been banned from this Server by Admin DZEMAS. [AMXBans] There are 2 hours , 52 minutes and 13 seconds left of your ban. [AMXBans] Banned Nickname : Hash K [AMXBans] Reason : ' for camping and for admin telebearer
  4. Sukčių reportavimo anketos Forma: 1. Hash K 2. DZEMAS 3. https://www20.zippyshare.com/v/hQV5BhHY/file.html 4. its short demo. Have a careful look at the demo nd whatever dezem guy is saying in lithunian cuz unfortunately i cant speak lithunian 5. So i was just playing as usual nd then out of nowhere this admin says hell ban me.He clearly thought m a random kid but i play this server regularly nd absolutly love the jailas community in fact this is the first idiot that i encountered.So i got mad nd told him to go ahead nd ban me cuz i can just report him here.The i got muted by this guy nd when my friend AKA moonwalker or nibba asked why he muted me the dze guy said that i insulted him in team chat nd look in the demo i havent insulted him in team chat at all.THNK U <3 Primename: neužmirškite temos pavadinime nurodyti sukčiaus slapyvardį - NICK
  5. Hash K

    Hash K

    1. Hash K2. Robin3. SS/DEMO proof [A MUST]4.aimbot5. ok6.sry idk what that means7. we were playing nd having fun then robin banned me so i called my brother to see what happend he told me that robin told me to give my demo in forum to confirm i wasnt using hacks so m here :3 8.https://www104.zippyshare.com/v/eevuldhG/file.html heres my demo file

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